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Food Trailers and Carts
Our team has been producing custom food trailers and carts for more than 30 years. Our custom equipment is unique
in the mobile food service industry because it is built using severe duty commercial materials and construction. This
provides many years of useful service, higher resale value, and lower cost of ownership. We offer
food trailers and
food merchandising carts of all types for the mobile retail food service industry. We offer pizza, popcorn, fried dough,
funnel cake, french fry, sandwich, ice cream, and specialty food trailers. These can be configured for standard
merchandising or cafeteria style. We manufacture multipurpose food carts of all types. In addition, we manufacture
mobile poultry processing units (MPPU) custom built to your processing specifications.
Key Benefits

  • Custom configurations to meet your needs
  • Eye catching graphics completed in-house
  • Installation of customer furnished food equipment
  • Combination units for special applications
  • Meets all applicable FMVSS and FMCSR Regulations
  • Meets all food safety and health regulations in all 50 states
  • Warranty for trailer and pass-through of installed food service equipment
  • Financing on equipment through a network of exclusive providers
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Custom Options

  • Commercial food service and operations equipment
  • Cafeteria style serving configuration
  • Marquees and signs
  • Custom lighting
  • Electrical systems and generators
  • Water supply and plumbing systems
  • Refrigeration and freezer systems
  • Commercial grade ice makers
  • Commercial sanitizing equipment
  • Custom compartments and equipment stowage
  • Doors and windows to your specifications
  • Folding and slide-out rooms and extensions
  • Commercial cabinets and flooring
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