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Office and Living Quarters
We understand that many people have different specifications when running their business or living comfortably while
on the road. Our
office trailers and living quarters give you the ability to improve the efficiency of your operation. We
have met the needs of many different types of businesses, both large and small. We welcome the opportunity to
assist you in creating a custom design for your trailer. Our customers provide their specific requirements. The
Brothers team will construct a custom unit that will provide you and your staff with a comfortable work place and
promote a professional image.
Key Benefits

  • Alum-A-Body construction
  • Severe duty, service proven construction
  • Commercial grade for maximum durability
  • Custom designed to your specific requirements
  • Power, signal, communications, networking, electrical, and wiring systems
  • Custom lighting
  • Power generation sets
  • Water supply and plumbing systems
  • Custom compartments and equipment stowage
  • Doors and windows to your specification
  • Custom severe duty slide out rooms
  • Commercial cabinets and flooring
  • Commercial appliances
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